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How do they do that?

You’ve always wondered how certain companies achieve great results. Is it due to efficiency? Is it due to lean processes? Is it due to organisation, preparation or leadership? There could be many reasons. You could find out by reading about the companies and trying to implement their practices. This might take a long while.
If you are one of those companies achieving great results why not share some of your methods by offering a sabbatical period on Picksabbex for individuals to come and observe your efficient processes. Let them watch, see and learn from your experts. Teach them, show them, nurture them and impress them. Picksabbex provides the facility for you to post sabbaticals for reviewing processes or observing skills. There is the ability to set the criteria for the type of person you would like at your organisation. On top of that companies have the ability to charge individuals for the privilege of coming to your organisation to spend a period of time observing and learning f…
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Which way should you go?

Testing the waters
So, you’re not sure which direction your career needs to go in. The options are many and you’re not sure what it’s like to be in a particular profession such as marketing, media, finance or construction.
Well, if you were about to step into a hot bath what would you do before stepping in? You would want to make sure the water was the right temperature. Not too hot and not too cold. You would test the water by dipping your fingers or your toes in to test the temperature. Too hot and you could burn yourself. Too cold and you could shiver. Just right and you would then be ready to step in for a comfortable bath.
Likewise, if you want to head into a particular career you would want to test the water by spending a period of time in that profession. A work experience attachment is ideal for testing the water. Picksabbex provide the platform for you to search using your desired criteria in order to land the ideal work experience for you to try out a profession; to test the wa…

Preparing for your work experience

So you’ve accepted a successful work experience match and you’re raring to go. Congratulations from the Picksabbex team. Here are a few tips to help make it successful:
Before the work experience:
Make a note of where you will be going and how you will get there and back again.
Research the company you will be going to for the WE so that you know something about what they do.
Do a little reading about the industry the company is in.
Make a list of what you would like to achieve from the work experience.
Prepare a few questions about the role you will be shadowing and the company you will be visiting.
During the work experience:
Look and be enthusiastic.
Look and act interested.
Be attentive and ask appropriate questions.
Try and be part of the team.
Make notes and keep a diary.
Enjoy the work experience.
After the work experience
Reflect on your time at the company:
What did you do?
What did you enjoy?
What were you uncertain about and might need to investigate further?
Would you consider the role as a …